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 ** RULES **

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Number of posts : 15
Registration date : 2006-10-10

PostSubject: ** RULES **   10/10/2006, 10:39 am

General rule: Don't act an ass, be mature when on the boards. You are responsible for your own actions, we aren't here to babysit you.

- 2. We have a strict anti-leech policy, if everyone just downloaded and no-one uploaded, then what would get passed around? So show your support and give back.

- 3. No spamming of any kind! This includes referral links, and links to your site. Put the link in your sig ONLY!

- 4. None of this "crappppppppppp" or "proppppppppppppppsssss" when you are responding to a post to receive the link just to meet the minimum character length to post, we have it set to a minimum amount of characters required to prevent one word post, don't abuse it. What's wrong with showing some appreciation to the uploaders for giving you free stuff?

- 5. Racism will not be tolerated, in any form. Consider this your first warning, anyone caught doing so will be banned. No questions asked.

- 6. Anyone caught stealing links and reposting them on other boards, sites, etc. will be banned, period.

- 7. Please report all dead links, spam, leeching, or any other things you think need attention with the Report button, located directly above the shoutbox. Also include the link to the thread where you witnessed the problem, and staff will address the issue accordingly. There is also a Report button located at the top of every post, between the Quote and the Edit buttons. Help us, to help you.

- 8. Please, respect the staff. This community is growing by the day, and these guys have their hands full with trying to weed out dead links, etc. Please help to make their jobs easier, they don't have to do this, they choose too.

- 9. Don't signup and run straight and reply to 10 album post in a row, its obvious you aren't downloading 10 albums at once and you will be banned for stealing links.

- 10. If a link is dead, do not double-post in the same thread. Simply edit your post stating that the link is no longer active, and report it to staff so we may remove it.

- 11. DO NOT reply to a thread with some dumbass shit like "smoke good crack" or something illrelevant to the thread, that's considered spam. Show some appreciation.

- 12. DO NOT quote the original poster, or someone else, and not type anything and use this as your response, I will fucking ban you, no questions asked. That shit REALLY pisses me off.

- 13. You MUST HAVE 50 post to request anything, period. Even then, if your post are all "propz" your request thread will most likely be locked/deleted. We don't reward leeches, sorry.

- 14. 10 post are required for entry into the New Releases, 0 required for the regular albums section. Spamming the tagboard for your 10 post isn't gonna work, as you receive 0 post credits for it. Also, don't spam the board with useless non-sense just to obtain your 10 post. This will not do anything except piss off the admin, and most likely get you banned.

- 15. Lastly, make sure when posting a link, to use the [*hide]tags[*/hide] minus the *. [Code] tags are not needed, as live links are disabled on the board.

- 16. The shoutbox at the top, is exactly that.. a shoutbox. It isn't a damn search bar! The search is located just above it, open your eyes and quit going straight for the downloads. If you are caught by an admin, you will most likely be banned.. we ain't got time for dumbasses. Also, it (the shoutbox) is NOT to be used for making request, period. It is for the members of the community to bullshit and have a conversation.. if you see an admin doing it, we have earned that right because we built this board from the ground up, put alot of hours into making it what it is today and we run the place. Life isn't fair, but you'll get over it.

- 17. DO NOT ask to be a moderator. We have our eyes out on who we think would be a good moderator. If you want to have power, make your own forum. Currently all positions are filled.

- 18. Please do not use the hide tags outside of the download section.
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** RULES **
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